Farmville leaderboard

Farmville leaderboard

Farmville leaderboard

It is a video game released in April 2014. This game is available on your mobile phones and PCs also. You will enjoy playing this game.

 This game become so popular after launching on Facebook, in 2010 it goes on the peak, and there were 83.76 million users. And daily users are 34.5 million. But its popularity starts decreasing after 2011.

This game has such a resemblance to the game “Happy Farm,” “Farm Town,” and video games like the season series of different stories. The Farmvile2 was released in 2012, September. 

 Must try it.

FarmVille leaderboard

The FarmVille leader boards are challenges that are given to you officially by the FarmVille company. When you are getting bore claim fr it, or sometimes they offer you challenges by self. The FarmVille offers you a challenge in the form of different tasks to clear your farm or by dong help of the neighbors of FarmVille.

The Farmville leader board are coming day by day. In this article, we will show the different leaderboards at different durations.

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FarmVille leaderboard September 6 to September 13, 2017

The one leaderboard of FarmVille from 6 to September 13 is a “Foxglove flower.” It is like the samba in Rio Water. These crops take time to grow approximately 4 hours. The second the “Neon dalmatians bloom,” this crop needs 8 hours to grow and 13 to come in a market before the beginning of the leader board.

There are also some crops like mate, requires 2 hours to grow, the 1-star recipe of Rio general store, it lacks the three cactus bushels of cerulean, it requires 10 minutes. The three cape buttercup bushels need nine hours and thirty minutes to grow.

It requires eight hours for the growth of per recipe of the three wild tuchus bushels.

FarmVille leaderboard May 31

The leaderboard of FarmVille is discussed in it. The one is Queens jewel berry, and it is land crops that need 23 hours for growing. It is its normal update time of the market, and before the beginning of leaderboard it takes 13 hours

Farmville leaderboard

The jamboree fruit is also one leaderboard of FarmVille, it is the long island of jamboree land; it takes the time to grow is nine hours thirty minutes.

The Norfolk pudding is also one leaderboard of FarmVille; it takes two hours and one star to grow. 

The jamboree diner is a recipe that only requires a two Boysen blossom bushel and 16 hours to grow. The Tahtolla orange bushels need eight hours to build, the two mini anemone bushels requires four hours on each recipe.

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FarmVille leaderboard January 6

The leaderboard of FarmVille are as follows;

The crop “pot marigold” is a crop of Santa’s secret village, and it takes six hours for their growth.

The crop” honey blossom” needs 14 hours to grow, and this land crop when it is in the market, and time reach to 13 hours when the leaderboard of FarmVille starts.

The crop ” holiday race seld,” need a four hour to grow, one star of the Xmas workshop recipe. It needs four hours, 16 hours, 12 hours on each recipe.