FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape

In this version of a game, you left the field and go to an island with the mystery, adventure, and all the fun mini-games. It is very colorful to play and free. It is considered as the number one franchise of farming.

In this game, you do adventures around the island. You move to your tropical island to seek experiences. Your task is to farm the new vegetables and fruits, meet with the adorable animals, and do the crafting of fun drinks.

You also have to discover the exotic animals and all of the tropical crops. These all are responsible for the calling of your island home. 

You are on a beachside, and the task is to spend living there. There are many new characters in it, you have to play different mini-games and enjoy playing. 

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 Uncovering of mystery, treasures, and secrets:

You have to complete some questions related to different tasks of island guides. Those are like surfing experts and archaeologists. You have to meet with the people to learn more about the land and explore the volcanoes or the rare good things.

Discover all the hidden things that are present in the secret chamber, and the hidden places to learn more about the land.

You have to create or build your paradise and fix up the workshops in it, Buy a Sushi stand, Tiki bar, Artesian workshop, and many more. 

Give the more luxuries to your guests, and make them feel happy. 

Discovery and photography of animals

If you own created paradise, you have to discover the new thing and do photography of them, and This will help you in getting the rewards in the FarmVille 2 tropic escape to take a picture of exotic animals as a souvenir of the guests.

 You are also free to buy fantastic and different things from your neighboring island . and also, there is a choice to sell your extra crops to others.

FarmVille tropic escape price list

The price of the Tropical FarmVille is 130,000 coins, and it takes 39 hours, one day or 15 hours to build.

FarmVille 2 Tropic Escape

 FarmVille tropic escape cheats and codes:

  • FarmVille tropic escape cheats
  • tap on each reward to collect it.
  • Tap in order to fill it and ask for help.
  • Never go to any friend’s home for more than one day.
  • Never forget to collect the rewards before returning from the area.
  • Drag a guide into the hot spring.
  • Always set your mobile phone time accurately.

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Farmville tropic escape cloning

cloning is the process that when an item comes in a market for a sale purpose, it is only seen by some the cooperatives and some global players.

They are shown as a snapshot, that they are available as a sale when they open in a market for the board. The updation of the market is compulsory, and it will not change as long as possible.

There is a lot of tropical escape island that are decorated according to the desire of you.