This game is based on the simulation of agriculture. It was developed and by Zynga in the year 2009 and also published by him. Flare 3D, is its engine. It was released on Facebook in July 2009. Its Genres are simulation and role-playing. The FarmVille is free to play.

This game is available on Adobe Flash, Android, and iOS. The players easily play the games in single and multiplayer modes. This game has such a resemblance to the game “Happy Farm,” “Farm Town,” and video games like the season series of different stories. The Farmvile2 was released in 2012, September. This game become so popular after launching on Facebook, in 2010 it goes on the peak, and there were 83.76 million users. And daily users are 34.5 million. But its popularity starts decreasing after 2011.

The FarmVille game got an award in 2010 at the “Game developer conference” because of the best online game available on a social network. 

It was considered as the addictive game of Facebook. This game is so popular, but despite that, it also gets a lot of criticism and adverse reactions from the different designers of the game. 

The animated short of FarmVille was released in December 2011. The title of this animation is A very FarmVille Christmas.


Farmland management is involved in gameplay. It includes the different features of agriculture like growing, plowing, harvesting trees, and crops. In FarmVille, the player enters into the virtual farm of a company and sells or buys the different items with the logo of the company. In the initial stage, you also have to customize your avatar.

In this game, the player starts a game with an empty farm and starts to collect coins from it. The coins are the in-game currency of this game. You can also get the extra points by doing some actions and raising their level. As the standard is rising, the amount of animals and crops is also increasing in it.

The gameplay of FarmVille is similar to all Zynga games, and it is incorporated with social networking. If you make your contacts with the other players of FarmVille and help them to clear their farms, this act helps you in getting rewards from the games. 

Decorations are also available on it that you can send your coins or different thing to your friends in it. You quickly purchase different things like fences, buildings, hay bales, gnomes, nutcrackers, and flags. They also celebrate various events like the winter holiday, valentine, etc. 

The sending of different gifts to your friends also gives you extra points, reathese extra points depending on the cost of the gift that you send to your friend. 

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FarmVille In-game purchases

The game FarmVille also gives the in-game currency to its players. This game has consisted of two kinds of coins.

  • The Farm Coins 
  • The Farm Cash that is in FarmVille and the Farm Bucks that is present in FarmVille 2

You buy this currency by the use of real-world money. The money is also can be earned by selling a crop or do some actions. But it is challenging to acquire them in-game currency from the game but, from the economic system of a game, you can earn it by completing different assigned tasks. This currency also helps you to buy different things like water, feed for animals, power.


The FarmVille also adds some expansion in a game, in which players play this game in a new location that includes Japan, England, Atlantis, Hawaii, Australia, Winter holiday locations, and more. They are releasing their further expansion every week.

FarmVille 2:

FarmVille was released on 17 April 2014 . and its publisher is Zynga. There is a new version of FarmVille is present. To use it, just log in to your Facebook account. For playing this, you must have an enabled Adobe Flash. There are 5 phases in it to earn different kinds of rewards like Nails, keys. 

In FarmVille 2, you build, create, and nourish the farm according to your desire. In this, you can also easily trade with your neighbours and join the work of other farmers to complete or share the farm of yours. There are many interesting characters in it. And you keep your farm alive by growing or unlocking some particular crops and by doing care of animals.

 Water is also essential for plant growth. In the game, you must have enough amount of water to nourish your crops. Water is already assigned to the customer after some intervals. Or you can also receive some of the amounts of water wells or received from your fellows. Trees also need water for the production of fruits.

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FarmVille 2 Country Escape:

 The FarmVille country escape was released in 2014, April. This was released for your handheld device i.e., mobile. These mobiles include the iOS, window phone, android.

In this, you have to left the world of farming, and go for adventure to collect different items and new recipes this FarmVille country escape got a positive response from the “New York times.” you can play the FarmVille country scape offline easily. If you want to play it just visit your center of the mobile game, the subject of it can be changed at any time.

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FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape

In the FarmVille 2 tropic escape, you are on the beachside and have a workshop of islands, exotic animals, and tropical crops. 

In the tropic escape, you have to grow the coconuts, pineapples, orchids. You also have to sell fresh seafood for your customers with grilled fish, flower leis, and Pina Coladas. So for serving fish to your customers, request animal helpers to catch the fishes for you. 

To be a surfing expert, meet with your guider of an island. Explore the monkey temple and volcano on the island. Earn money and use it on your island to buy different thing things and make it unique.

FarmVille 2 Link Exchange

The FarmVille 2 link exchange helps you to recover your bonus by the exchanging of rewards that you earn in FarmVille2. There is no need for your neighboring farmers in it. You are now becoming an advance that you recover your bonus without the help of a friend or a neighbor.


The players of FarmVille were familiar with this term already. The game gives a LEADERBOARD to their players, which means that at the end of the week, they give you some challenges to do in a single time. It is composure to complete.

It is for those players who love to face the challenges and want to play it—the FarmVille leaderboard reward at UNWITHERS, INSTAGROWs, and SUPER FERTILIZER. Start too beat the neighbors and do the bargaining for the rights. You see the fun in it and enjoy playing it. 

Enjoy! Play the game, and also share your challenges with your friends.

FarmVille 3

The FarmVille 3 is available only for the selected regions to download. It is released for the Apple app store and also for the google play store. Just download the game from the store using the APK file that is available on APK pure of play. The features of the FarmVille 3 includes nurturing and raising of different kinds of baby animals, breeding of animals, hiring of farmhands with different farming skills and make your farm unique than others.

You also experience weather changes in Farmville 3, like snow, rain, and sun each day. Customize your farm decoration according to your desire. Always grow a new crop in your farms to make it feel fresh and alive all the time.

In FarmVille 3, you can also customize your farm according to your desire. In this, you have to left the life of the farm and move to the country to take care of the meadows and the farms that you build and create your greenery site there.

Now, the rest of the tasks are up to you that how you manage your farm to look alive and fresh. Take your revenues always effective. It is a straightforward game. At the beginning of the play, developers have provided a guideline on the different sites of the internet in the form of tutorials. From these tutorials, you can learn easily and quickly about how to play the game. After watching the tutorials, you will be able to know exactly about the production of buildings and the plantation of your fields.

Same, the harvesting of crops, flowers, vegetables, and production of wheat is also up to you.